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RAS Officially Announces "New Song Every Wednesday" Release Program Printer  Printable Version
September 8, 2003

RALEIGH, NC - Sept. 8, 2003 -- Request-A-Song.com (RAS) announced today its new song release program, "New Song Every Wednesday" ("NSEW"). Starting this week on Request-A-Song.com (http://www.request-a-song.com), site visitors will be able to download a new, original song in MP3 format every Wednesday. The new program is intended to bring a weekly listening audience to Request-A-Song by providing new content on a regular, predictable basis.

The NSEW program also fulfills a demand from the fans of RAS for a more regular song release schedule. Previously, the site published 6-8 new songs a month, but the song releases were scattered throughout the month, put online just after either of the site's two artists, Benj Edwards or his brother Jeremy Edwards, had finished them. With the new program, fans will know exactly when they can expect to see a new song on the site.

"Request-A-Song.com will quite possibly be the only place on the Internet where you can reliably download a new, original song from a single musical group every week. Imagine your favorite band doing that," says RAS creator and head songwriter Benj Edwards. "It's a lot of work, but it's no more than we've done in the past."

The site has quickly gained recognition on the Internet for its novel approach to writing and publishing new music. Request-A-Song artists write and record new, original songs based on website visitor suggestions then publish them online in MP3 format. Most of the music is piano- or guitar-based pop rock with a decidedly quirky twist.

About Request-A-Song.com

Request-A-Song.com has been running since October 1st, 2002, publishing over 70 songs online and releasing its first CD, "Best Of Request - Vol. 1" in July. RAS has been featured on Billboard.com, and one of Edwards' songs, "The Evil Toucan Sam," has been played numerous times on the "Dr. Demento" radio show. The site can alternately be accessed through the address "http://www.requestasong.com."