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Send Us a RAS T-Shirt Pic, Get a Free RAS CD Printer  Printable Version
October 28, 2004
Send Us A T-Shirt Pic, Get A Free RAS CD

Step 1: Acquire a Request-A-Song.com Shirt through any means.
Actually, any article of clothing found in the Request-A-Song.com CafePress store will do, even hats.
You can even make your own RAS shirt if you like, and it will count if we like it.

Step 2: Take a picture of yourself wearing the t-shirt / clothing.
Yes, that means you. Anybody. Get a friend to take the picture if you have to.
These will eventually go in a RAS listener gallery in the community section (if we manage to collect more than 2 pictures).

Step 3: Email us the picture.
You must agree to let us publish your pic on the RAS site.
However if you ever want us to take the pic down, we will do so if you email us.
Please include your shipping address. This is where you want us to send the CD.
Email it here.

Step 4: Benj mails you a free, brand new "Best of Request - Vol. 1" CD!
Shipping is free - no charge to you whatsoever.

Coarse print: Limit one CD per household, unless you send some really interesting, different, or creative pictures.
We reserve the right to end this offer any time, and we reserve the right of refusal.