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Project Server Brain Benj
Benj Edwards
Requested by Anonymous
Released: February 18, 2004 Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Mother Brain Rock Download Rank: 105
Duration: 2:10  
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Artist Comments
Anonymous requester writes, "I work in an environment that is opressive. I have an electronic time clock I have to punch everyday. It is called project server. It sucks the life out of me and all of my coworkers. We are going to revolt if it isn't changed. The thing is we are all trapped by a bad economy and the fear of having no way to pay our bills." Enjoy. -- Benj
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Project Server Brain is driving me insane / But still I can't complain; what for? / Can't tell night from day; they stole the sun away. / In darkness, still, we pray for more! / [Chorus:] / Can't see myself anymore, anymore. / I lost myself in my work. / And I did it all for you, for what it's worth. / Project Server Brain is doling out the pain. / It's our disease, and same, the cure. / Victims left and right, it takes them in the night. / They're putting up a fight for sure. / [Repeat Chorus]
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