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The Maelstrom Knows Me Quite Well Jeremy
Jeremy Edwards
Requester Wishes to Remain Anonymous
Released: July 7, 2004 Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Liquid Groove Download Rank: 16
Duration: 5:07  
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Artist Comments
What a great title! I had to bust out the hip-hop drums for this one (for the first time). I'm not really sure, but this song could be about a split personality. Maybe it will become clearer later. --Jeremy
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Maybe when my head stops spinning / slowly I'll suppress the urge to thank you / for all the trouble you have caused / I am the keystone holding this / I want to see your face when if I should leave you / but then together we would fall / Brutal blowing winds reach out / they're bringing things to where I stand beneath you / under the turbulence and all / The watchdog of the eye may blink / The havoc you propose to wreak betrays you / I turn away but I remain appalled / [Chorus:] / The maelstrom knows me quite well / The calm is my place in the spell / The maelstrom knows me quite well / But we've been acting all along / as if the storm is gone / The maelstrom knows me quite well / A vortex I wish I could quell / The maelstrom knows me quite well / But we've been acting all along / as if the storm would never swell / The other part's not strong enough / I think that's why I keep you on the outside / So I can watch things from within / I had a dream when I could think / a separation, maybe I'd release you / I'm still confused from when you let me in
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