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Society Steals My Shoes Benj
Benj Edwards
Requester Wishes to Remain Anonymous
Released: December 7, 2002 Rating: 2.5 Stars
Genre: Purple Floyd Download Rank: 118
Duration: 2:08  
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Artist Comments
Direct from a request by "flurkingsnicht." Unfortunately, this song doesn't really do the request justice...so you may see another song with the same name sooner or later. Then again, maybe not. --Benj
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I don't get no respect, no respect at all. / They sent me running, chased me down the hall. / Twisting up all the views, / Bringing us all the news. / There's nothing else left to lose. / Society steals my shoes. / Society steals my shoes. / I don't get no respect, no respect at all. / They got me running, chased me down the hall. / Can't they see society is flowing down the drain? / Faster than they spill it out, we lap it up again.
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