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She Always Does The Dishes Benj
Benj Edwards
Requested by Laura Mariani
Released: February 18, 2003 Rating: 3 Stars
Genre: Power Ballad Download Rank: 99
Duration: 3:00  
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CD  "Best of Request - Vol. 1" CD
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Artist Comments
Laura writes: "I thought this could be a nice thing to write about for a Valentine's Day sort of theme, as it's one of the little things I try to do for my man (he hates doing them). You could put a different spin on it and make it about some pissed off woman who's sick of cleaning up, though, or even go for some sort of Cinderella angle. Hell, you're the songwriters."
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[Chorus:] / My valentine, sweet weather all the time, St. Valentine's Day. / The sun will shine; the sun will shine down past Valentine's gray. / When I hold you in my arms, / Time starts flowing slowly. / And I feel the planet spin / Down below me. / [Repeat Chorus] / When I've got you by my side, / Nothing else seems so lovely. / For you're brighter than the sun / Far above me.
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