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I'm Just a Kid Benj
Benj Edwards
Requested by General Frustration
Released: October 1, 2002 Rating: 3.5 Stars
Genre: Piano Swing Download Rank: 20
Duration: 2:26  
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Artist Comments
This song had a long incubation time, but it has finally reared its tiny head. Randy Newman came to mind when originally writing this. Amused by the abundance of "I'm so pitiful/helpless, I can barely tie my shoes"-type songs, I decided to contribute my own to the genre. --Benj
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Somebody buy me an enchilada, / So I can eat on my very own. / It's like a grilled steak or a stewed tomata, / You gotta drop that heavy load. / (Chorus:) / I'm just a kid, taking my time, / Doing the things my father did. / I'm just a kid, off on my own, / Follow my dreams; come running home. / Somebody buy me a pair of sneakers, / So I can learn how to tie my shoes. / It's like a toy drum or a rubber squeaker, / You gotta sing those baby blues. / (Repeat Chorus) / Somebody give me a piece of paper, / So I can learn how to read and write. / It's like a hole punch or a mini-stapler: / The fun keeps you up all night. / (Repeat Chorus) / I'm just a kid. / I'm just a kid. / I'm just a kid.
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