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My Dad Thinks I'm Gay Benj
Benj Edwards
Requested by Zeidrich
Released: March 31, 2003 Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Contemplative Piano Download Rank: 4
Duration: 2:47  
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Artist Comments
It's quite strange, but gay-related titles are one of most commonly recurring themes in people's requests. It's apparently a topic that people today find amusing. So the very use of the word "gay" in this song's title should make those people very happy. / This song inadvertently completes a set of songs about parents. -- Benj.
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My dad thinks I'm gay -- I don't know why. / Maybe it's the pink bow-tie / And all the rainbows plastered on my car, so far. / My dad thinks it's so. Why? I don't know. / Maybe it's my best friend Joe / And the way he always compliments my wardrobe. / [Chorus:] / So what if I am, what have I done, / and how has it hurt you? / To me, we're all just the same. / So where have you been, what have you seen, / and how has it scared you / So only ignorance remains? / You needn't be so ashamed. / My dad thinks I'm gay. Why? I can't see. / Maybe it's my good friend Steve / And the nervous way he acts when I'm around. Profound. / My dad thinks I'm light, but I'm alright. / Maybe 'cause I never fight, / Or the way I always smile when I see daylight. / [Repeat Chorus] / My dad thinks I'm gay, so take my hand; / Maybe then he'll understand...or maybe not.
Chords / Tablature
[ F#m - E - A - F#m ]

[ A - E - F#m - D ] x4
[ E ]

[ F#m - Faug - A - B - D - A - E ] x2
[ D - A - E ]

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