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The Tangled Web Benj
Benj Edwards
Requested by Troy Carpenter
Released: June 10, 2003 Rating: 2.5 Stars
Genre: Rock/Pop Download Rank: 134
Duration: 3:19  
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Artist Comments
I wrote this song for Troy Carpenter's column of the same name on Billboard.com on which Request-A-Song should be making an appearance today (click here to check it out). Written in a few hours, and recorded in a few sessions spanning about 3 days. / Featuring Jeremy on Electric and Acoustic Guitars. / Thanks, Troy. Enjoy. --Benj
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It all started when they hit me on the head. / A clear voice rang out and woke me from the dead. / "Hey there, Benj, are you o.k.?" it said. / He said "I've been writing for a music site." / "And I need a brand new story by tonight." / "It's for-a column that-you might-have-read..." / [Chorus:] / Tangled Web. / The Tangled Web. / It's the thing that I read / When I should be doing work instead. / Tangled Web. / The Tangled Web. / Troy Carpenter spins "The Tangled Web." / Well, I offered to write Troy a brand new song. / With strange lyrics that couldn't do him wrong. / Troy thought he'd better check with the "Ed." / Troy's editors were sure that they'd been had. / This "Request-A-Song" idea seemed too mad. / But Troy said, "Benj, it's ok, go ahead." / "Write a song about the" / [Repeat Chorus]
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