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If I Were A Clam Jeremy
Jeremy Edwards
Requested by Anonymous
Released: August 31, 2003 Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Orchestral Download Rank: 33
Duration: 3:06  
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CD  "Best of Request - Vol. 2" CD
Artist Comments
With every new song I try to stake out new musical territory, and this song has lots of new elements, some obvious, some subtle. This is one of those songs which flowed right out and didn't require much revision. Those are always my favorites. --Jeremy
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If I were a clam / I'd lie on the beach / Play in the sand / While the older ones think / Currents would drag me / Wherever they go / But I'd always stay / In my portable home / Falling asleep to the sound of the tide / Permanent peace of mind. / If I were a clam, I'd be happy where I am. / If I were a clam / I'd keep to myself / Singing a song / Inside of my shell / Pondering what / I wonder about / Exploring my mind / 'Til I've figured it out / I'd learn all the fish by the feel of their wake / I'd know why the whale's so pale.
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