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Pastel Sugar Tongue Jeremy
Jeremy Edwards
Requested by Franklin Guyton
Released: October 15, 2003 Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Psychedelic Commercial Download Rank: 28
Duration: 3:55  
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Artist Comments
I decided it was time to let loose again, and the result was this demented commercial jingle. It was supposed to be simply about a new experience, but it sounds more like I'm trying to sell something. Luckily, a few interesting musical elements emerge from the strangeness. Will it scare away our fans, or will it become a cult classic? -- Jeremy
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[Verse:] / Pastel sugar tongue / Taste a new emotion / Flavor's new dimension is visible / (taste a new emotion) / Pastel sugar tongue / Everybody needs one / Spark your evolution to become / (Everybody needs one) / [Chorus:] / Pastel sugar tongue / Everybody wants some / I want some / Pastel sugar tongue / Soon you'll know you need to become / Friends with the universe / [Repeat Verse & Chorus] / Soon all the senses will merge into one / With the answers to life on the tip of your tongue / It's never too late if you start when you're young / [Essentially Repeat Everything]
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