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The World According To That Guy (You Know Who You Are) Jeremy
Jeremy Edwards
Requested by James Horatio Hazen III
Released: December 3, 2003 Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Paranoid Rock Download Rank: 42
Duration: 3:34  
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Artist Comments
A song about solipsism. -- Jeremy
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Deep down inside of a twisted mind / where it grinds where it grinds up / all the observations / Different futures carefully combine / in the pate to a state where / everybody fears that guy / [Chorus 1:] / With the people I've seen so far / we don't need another superstar / who's a brain inside of a jar / you know who you are / Some people think you can close your eyes / to escape another gaze and / stop someone from thinking / In the crowd with the searching stares / all the eyes fall to someone / why would they be looking there / [Repeat Chorus 1] / [Bridge:] / Don't want to trust / I don't need to trust, I don't. / better off when I'm solo / So what if I'm indeed the only one alive / better off when I'm solo / only one universe / only one soul / [Chorus 2:] / Since I've stayed so unseen so far / I've destroyed another avatar / with a brain inside of a jar / waiting in the dark / [Repeat Chorus 1]
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