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Friends / Links

Friends / Links
 Friends of RAS
Elly K
Dr. Demento
Billboard's The Tangled Web
They Might Be Giants
Subtractive Records
Castle Acoustics
Miles Mendoza's Website Of The Day
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Songs To Wear Pants To -- Since April 2004, our friend Andrew has been doing something similar to Request-A-Song, but in a very different style and at a faster pace. Check it out.
Song Fight! -- Various internet bands battle it out for the best song based on a given title.
Request-A-Rave.co.uk - A tribute to Request-A-Song.com, this guy records personalized raves based on visitor requests. It's now defunct, but an archive of his 18 raves is still up.
Exploding Dog -- The granddaddy of them all: A guy named Sam draws cool pictures based on stuff that people email him. It's like RAS, but with illustrations instead of music.