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Adelaide Benj
Benj Edwards
Requested by Nobody
Released: October 27, 2004 Rating: 3.5 Stars
Genre: Sunny-time Theater Download Rank: 26
Duration: 2:15  
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Artist Comments
I wrote this song sometime in 2002 before RAS was open. Recently, I was looking through some old lyrics and ran across this song. I had forgotten about it, but it seemed like it would be a fun thing to record, so I did it a couple days ago. Pretty much your standard attempted-inspirational pop song. -- Benj
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Adelaide, you know it's gonna be ok. / You know it's gonna work out right in the end. / Adelaide, I've known you since the second grade / I've never seen you so upset like this, my friend. / Hollywood says it'll be ok, but I'm not listening. / As you should know, your strength comes from within yourself. / Adelaide, you never need to feel afraid. / But if you do I'll be here for you at your back. / Adelaide, the sun is gonna light your way. / It's always there to help you keep on the right track. / There are those who'd crown you with a golden ribbon, / but then they'd leave you dusty on the shelf. / So if Hollywood says it'll be ok, then don't you listen, / for you know that your strength comes from within yourself, / Adelaide.
Chords / Tablature
[ B - Ebm - E - B - Ebm - E - F# ] x2

[ A - C#m - F# ] x2

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