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Slain In Verulia Benj
Benj Edwards
Requested by Brandon Marsh
Released: December 30, 2004 Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Cracklin' Oat Rock Download Rank: 47
Duration: 4:00  
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Artist Comments
Here it is -- our first new pay-only song. I really think it's worth it. This song has a long history going back to Sept 2003 when "I was slain in the realm of Verulia" was first requested by Brandon. Apparently, Verulia is a fictional role-playing world he's involved in. Of course, in my hands Verulia ends up being a metaphor for various things. After writing this song in Nov 2003 (around the time of "Too Much Turkey"), it sat on the backburner until exactly a year later (!). Yes, I finally recorded it last month. Sorry for the delay, Brandon. Enjoy.
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The land's on fire and they know why / with their twisted tea trays in the sky / The gruesome image hit my eyes in a daydream, uh huh. / [Chorus:] / As I tried to spread my love, / I was slain in the realm of Verulia. / Verulia is the worst place to live. / Verulia is the worst place to live. / [End Chorus] / I woke up and ran outside, / found the bloody ocean, reddish tide / Shaken up, I stood and cried for a sunbeam. / [Repeat Chorus] / If you want some understanding, this is what you need: / Don't point your weapons of warning at me. / If you want to kill the message, I disagree. / Tell all your friends they were wrong about me. / [Repeat Chorus] / Well you can't push peace and freedom by rote decree, / when you call yourselves the land of the free! / So if you want someone to laugh at, this is all you need. / Tell all your friends they were wrong about me.
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[ F - G - Am - F ] [ F - G - Am ]
[G - Am - D ]

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