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The Pixels Of The Universe Jeremy
Jeremy Edwards
Requested by Sam
Released: August 1, 2005 Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Intellecturock Download Rank: 38
Duration: 4:22  
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Artist Comments
What if everything turns out to be quantized? Not just light, electric charge, etc., but time and space as well? If so, then in principle, the universe could actually be a simulation on a giant computer. That's the inspiration for this song, which suggests that if our investigations eventually stop in one direction (physics), they can still extend indefinitely in the other (emergent phenomena). Can a finite universe really produce infinite results?

The wait is over! This is my first song since Hold the Map. It was a fairly complex and fun project, and I got to try out a few new techniques in the studio. This song features the world's most painful guitar part to play correctly (basically it's tough to let the strings resonate and keep it up for over 4 minutes) on a steel-string acoustic. I'll be sure to get the tablature up here so that you too can experience the pain. --Jeremy
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Cross the ocean on a plane / Every wave that passes by: the same / As I contemplate the view / From the corner of my eye I catch another vital clue / Patterns I perceive of this reality / that lead me to surmise that everything's quantized / comprise (form) this giant world and guide it as it learns (swirls) / the pictures (objects) that emerge from the pixels of the Universe / It's a lonely journey through, I know / Every night the shadows fall across the road / When they start to look the same as well / don't believe you've reached the bottom of the well / Oh, I can see everything crystal clean / like pixels on the screen / So, life is a simulation indeed / so surmised the simulated me / When the stones are all in hand / ground them up until they're finer than the sand / If they settle down before it blows away / then it's time to finally search the other way
Chords / Tablature
Verse / Breaks:
[ F6 D5/G | F6 D5/G ] x4

[ Dm | Am | F G | E7 ]
[ Dm | Am | F G | E7 Esus4 ]

[ E | F G | Esus4 E ]

[ Am | G | Am | Dm7 G7 ] x2

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