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Tammy Tomato Benj
Benj Edwards
Requested by Paul Tidd
Released: October 1, 2005 Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Sinister Veggiethon Download Rank: 40
Duration: 1:22  
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Artist Comments
Yes, just like the old days, I wrote and recorded this song in a few hours right after reading the request, and the request had only been made the day before. Ok, so I'm releasing it a week later, but hey. Paul Tidd, one of our championship-awesome-requesters requested this one -- it's not one of his best, but I got a melody in my head instantly after reading it. I hope you enjoy the story of an anthropomorphic tomato and her friends. As Mr. Tidd himself comments, "She's one hot potato!" --Benj
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Tammy Tomato, / she's one hot potato in the crowd, / in the crowd. / She came from Laredo, shouting / "Ten cans of Play Dough!" out loud, / out loud! / I'm not safe in the world outside anymore. / I don't know where to go to hide. / Oh oh. / Carrie the Carrot / She talks like a parrot in your head, / in your head. / She hears everything you need / but says everything she wants instead, / instead! / I'm not safe in the world outside anymore. / I don't know where to go to hide anymore. / From now on I only eat things with hair, / Not those vegetables out there. / Oh oh. / Oh oh. / Aw.
Chords / Tablature
[ D#m - C# - Bbm ]
[ D#m - C# - Bb ]

[ F# - D#m - G# - C# ]
[ F# - D#m - G# ] [ A - G# ]

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