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Violent House Panda Jeremy
Jeremy Edwards
Requested by Aruna Fonseka
Released: April 15, 2003 Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Mystic Adventure Download Rank: 1
Duration: 3:33  
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CD  "Best of Request - Vol. 2" CD
Artist Comments
When I saw this request, I knew I had to do it, just from the sheer strength of the song title. It was an easy decision! I think I like my lyrics here, but I'm not sure what they mean yet. So if you figure it out, let me know. This panda clearly has an important lesson for us, but what is it? -- Jeremy
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Violent House Panda--he's okay; / He has powerful paws for the modern age. / There's a Violent House Panda in my life; / He puts everything simply in black and white. / Violent House Panda watch him grow; / He's got abacus skills and an honor code. / Violent House Panda he's my friend; / He taught me to break down and to heal again. / Sometimes he can't control his rage / Burning with anger, his heart is a cage / He's like an animal, wouldn't you say? / But he's a bear who can learn from mistakes / Sometimes I want him to escape / Spreading his wisdom to those who relate / Killing the ones who do not learn to hate / And he's a bear who can learn from mistakes. / Violent House Panda he's all right; / He has energy left for a thousand fights. / Violent House Panda hits the road / To find another lost soul in another home.
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