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I Saw Janet Jackson's Boob Benj
Benj Edwards
Requested by America
Released: February 4, 2004 Rating: 3 Stars
Genre: Mock Modern Download Rank: 2
Duration: 2:03  
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Artist Comments
Here's a timely song about the boob heard 'round the world. I whipped this one up in a few hours and I thought I'd throw it up here, thinking that someone might enjoy it. Of course, its long term appeal is hopefully limited. --Benj
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I saw Janet Jackson's boob / Last night on the tube. / Well, it hurt me so bad / That I had to cover my face. / I saw Janet Jackson's rack; / She launched her attack. / Well, it scared me so bad / That I peed all over the place. / Will the nation ever sleep? / Scarred for life, we're in too deep, / Scared to know what Justin felt. / Will she kick us when we're down? / On her nipple was a crown / Designed to wake the Bible Belt. / I saw Janet Jackson's face / -- Black features erased. / Well, it hurt me so bad / That I had to cover my eyes. / I saw Janet Jackson's tit; / The whole world took a hit. / It's a bad, bad day for humans everywhere! / Will my children ever sleep? / Now they've seen this naked creep / Singing music on TV. / Why did Justin cop a feel? / I guess he wondered if they're real. / Real or not, they can't be free!
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