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Jun-24-2016Benj Edwards Releases New Music in 2016
Oct-01-2012Benj Celebrates 10th Anniversary of RAS Opening
Oct-01-2007Request-A-Song.com Turns Five
Oct-01-2006Request-A-Song.com Quietly Celebrates 4th Anniversary Online
Dec-31-2005"Best Of Request - Vol. 2" CD Available on Apple iTunes Music Store
Dec-21-2005Benj Edwards Releases 100th Original Song on RAS
Dec-21-2005"Christmas Tree Farms" added to Songs section.
Dec-01-2005RAS Surpasses 100,000 Song Downloads
Nov-05-2005Dr. Demento to Play "My Bed Is Trying To Kill Me" Nov. 6th, 2005
Oct-30-2005"The Whole World Should Give Laura A Hug" added to Songs section.
Oct-17-2005RAS Offers Free Banner Ad Space!
Oct-16-2005Spirit of magnanimity, generosity, silliness overwhelms Request-A-Song.com.
Oct-14-2005"Sushi Burritos" added to Songs section.
Oct-12-2005"Songs From The Global Moose" added to Songs section.
Oct-11-2005"Chad, Your Girlfriend Scares Me" added to Songs section.
Oct-05-2005Random Requests added to Request page
Oct-04-2005Live MP3 Preview Added to All Song Pages
Oct-02-2005"Fighting A Tree" added to Songs section.
Oct-01-2005"Tammy Tomato" added to Songs section.
Oct-01-2005"Best of Request - Vol. 2" CD Now Available on CD Baby.com.
Oct-01-2005Release: Request-A-Song.com Releases 2nd CD, "Best of Request - Vol. 2 | April 2003 - September 2003"
Oct-01-2005Request-A-Song.com Celebrates 3 Years Online
Aug-01-2005"The Pixels Of The Universe" added to Songs section.
Jul-31-2005RAS Surpasses 90,000 Song Downloads
Jun-11-2005"Best of Request - Vol. 1" CD Now Available on Amazon.com
Apr-26-2005RAS Surpasses 80,000 Song Downloads
Mar-30-2005New mix of "The Maelstrom Knows Me Quite Well" online.
Mar-29-2005"Scratch 'N' Sniff" added to Songs section.
Mar-25-2005"The Banana Song" added to Songs section.
Mar-25-2005"Smash Smash Smash Cake" added to Songs section.
Mar-06-2005"Donate to RAS" Amazon.com Honor System Link Added
Feb-13-2005"Slit My Throat (With A Valentine's Card)" added to Songs section.
Dec-30-2004"Slain In Verulia" added to Songs section.
Dec-23-2004"Christmas Time In The Alien World" added to Songs section.
Nov-29-2004"Summer In The Ocean" added to Songs section.
Nov-28-2004Friends / Links page added to Info section.
Nov-22-2004Buy Song FAQ Updated
Nov-19-2004RAS Surpasses 70,000 Song Downloads
Nov-16-2004"Butter Ghost" and "I Flipped My Biscuit" are now free downloads.
Oct-28-2004Send Us a RAS T-Shirt Pic, Get a Free RAS CD
Oct-27-2004"Adelaide" added to Songs section.
Oct-27-2004"22% Skeletons" added to Songs section.
Oct-20-2004"Damn Jaspers" added to Songs section.
Oct-20-2004Minor 128k MP3 Encoding Problem Fixed
Oct-11-2004Release: Unconventional Music Duo Request-A-Song.com Celebrates Two Years With Site Relaunch, 88 Cent Song Downloads
Oct-11-2004Buy Song FAQ added to Info Section
Oct-10-2004RSS Feeds Now Available
Oct-08-2004Song and News List Navigation Features Added
Oct-07-2004New Picture of Benj & Jeremy in Info Section
Oct-06-2004Request FAQ added to Info Section
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