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May-29-2003Top-10 Download List Improved.
Jul-30-2003Top 10 Download List Replaced with Top 20 List
Oct-16-2005Spirit of magnanimity, generosity, silliness overwhelms Request-A-Song.com.
Aug-01-2004Songs Page Simplified, "Our Best Songs" List Updated
Oct-01-2003Songs / Music Main Page Updated; Added "A Note From Benj"
Aug-08-2003Song Download "Save As..." Problem Fixed.
Oct-08-2004Song and News List Navigation Features Added
Oct-21-2003Send Us Some Halloween-Related Requests.
Oct-28-2004Send Us a RAS T-Shirt Pic, Get a Free RAS CD
Oct-10-2004RSS Feeds Now Available
Oct-01-2007Request-A-Song.com Turns Five
Dec-02-2002Request-A-Song.com T-Shirts, Products Now Available
Sep-04-2004Request-A-Song.com Relaunch Set for Oct 1st, 2004
Oct-01-2006Request-A-Song.com Quietly Celebrates 4th Anniversary Online
Oct-01-2002Request-A-Song.com Opened to the General Public.
Aug-29-2004Request-A-Song.com now has a Myspace.com Profile
Oct-01-2005Request-A-Song.com Celebrates 3 Years Online
Oct-01-2004Request-A-Song.com Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Site Relaunch
Jun-10-2003Request-A-Song Featured on Billboard.com's "The Tangled Web."
Jun-21-2003Request-A-Song CD Still on Track.
Mar-14-2004Request-A-Song Article Appears on Ink19.com
Jan-06-2004Request Submission Currently Not Working
Oct-06-2004Request FAQ added to Info Section
Oct-11-2004Release: Unconventional Music Duo Request-A-Song.com Celebrates Two Years With Site Relaunch, 88 Cent Song Downloads
Oct-01-2005Release: Request-A-Song.com Releases 2nd CD, "Best of Request - Vol. 2 | April 2003 - September 2003"
Jul-31-2005RAS Surpasses 90,000 Song Downloads
Apr-26-2005RAS Surpasses 80,000 Song Downloads
Nov-19-2004RAS Surpasses 70,000 Song Downloads
Aug-23-2004RAS Surpasses 60,000 Song Downloads
Apr-22-2004RAS Surpasses 50,000 Song Downloads
Feb-12-2004RAS Surpasses 40,000 Song Downloads
Jan-22-2004RAS Surpasses 30,000 Song Downloads
Sep-25-2003RAS Surpasses 22,000 Song Downloads.
Jan-26-2003RAS surpasses 2000 song downloads in two months.
May-22-2003RAS surpasses 12,000 song downloads.
May-29-2003RAS Surpasses 1000 Requests.
Dec-01-2005RAS Surpasses 100,000 Song Downloads
Jun-01-2003RAS Store Page Updated.
Jan-24-2004RAS Shopping Cart Working Again
Jun-16-2004RAS Selected as Yahoo UK Pick Of The Day
May-19-2004RAS Selected as One of USAToday.com's Hot Sites
Jul-29-2003RAS Releases its First CD, "Best Of Request - Vol. 1"
Feb-25-2004RAS Releases its 100th Song -- "Love Is Like A Simile"
Jan-10-2003RAS Officially Begins Selling Advertising Space
Sep-08-2003RAS Officially Announces "New Song Every Wednesday" Release Program
Oct-17-2005RAS Offers Free Banner Ad Space!
Dec-22-2003RAS Media Appearances List Updated (Info Page)
May-13-2003RAS General Q&A Info Page Updated.
Jul-03-2003RAS General Q&A Info Page Updated.
Jun-29-2004RAS Forum Problem Fixed; Registration Works
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